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Run Flat Tyre System

Bridgestone run-flat tyres give you peace of mind, wherever the road may take you. The run-flat tyre system allows you to drive up to 80km at 80km/h after a puncture, which means you never have to be stranded alone in the dark on a deserted highway again or look for that missing jack.

Conventional tyres make use of pressurised air to support the vehicle, but that air escapes when the tyre is punctured, resulting in the unfortunate reality of a flat tyre. However, when a run-flat tyre is punctured, it loses air but still supports the vehicle with its reinforced sidewalls, allowing you to get to a safe stopping area or maybe even all the way home.



The Bridgestone DriveGuard tyre has leading edge Run Flat Technology (RFT).  DriveGuard tyres can be used on most popular passenger vehicles.

Potenza RE050 RFT - RFT

Potenza RE050 RFT

The Potenza RE050 is an ultra high performance tyre, it offers dynamic sporty handling with excellent control, stability and steering response.

Potenza RE070 Run Flat - RFT

Potenza RE070 Run Flat

Developed for high performance, RE070 delivers an excellent level of grip in both wet and dry conditions. RE070 offers superior cornering performance and traction while providing excellent resistance to hydroplaning.

Potenza S001 Run Flat Tyres - RFT

Potenza S001 Run Flat Tyres

Take the ultimate drive with the ultimate performance tyre for premium sports cars. With new optimum block rigidity offering improved traction and braking performance, it combines high-speed capabilities with a more comfortable ride in all conditions.



The Turanza ER300 is Bridgestone's ecologically oriented Grand Touring tyre developed for Original Equipment use on Mercedes-Benz sedans, as well as can be used as replacements on other coupes and sedans. The Turanza ER300 is designed to combine traction, handling and comfort in dry and wet conditions.



The tyre combines a unique tread design with noise reduction technology to deliver superior performance and ride comfort.

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