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Free Tyre Damage Guarantee

Bridgestone’s free tyre damage guarantee is a hassle-free way to deal with tyre damage. Our guarantee is your back-up plan that safeguards your tyres against the unknown, and now we have extended the guarantee to a wider selection of the Bridgestone tyre range. 

We’ll replace your tyre if it is damaged by road hazards like potholes, rocks, or broken glass, and you only pay for the tread you’ve used. 

What’s more, our guarantee is simple and convenient, with no lengthy terms and conditions. 

How the Tyre Damage Guarantee works 

The Bridgestone Free tyre damage guarantee covers Bridgestone branded passenger, 4x4 and SUV tyres from 17 inch (excl. run-flats) and above for road hazard damage subject to the state of the usable tread, with the customer only paying for the tread they have used.

“Road Hazards” are cuts, bruises, impact or irreparable punctures and tyre damage caused by rocks, broken glass, potholes or curbs.

The tyre’s remaining tread life (usable tread) is established using a tread depth gauge. The average remaining depth of the tread is then divided into the tyre’s tread depth when new. The result of this calculation gives us a ratio and the ratio is used to determine the credit amount.

Calculation example for credit amount:

A Bridgestone branded 17 inch passenger tyre costs R1000 and has an original tread depth of 8mm. When the tyre is submitted there is 6mm tread remaining.

Remaining tread depth÷ original tread depth = Usable tread %
= Usable tread % x tyre purchase price
= Credit amount

= 6mm÷ 8mm = 75%
=75% x R1000
= R750

You will receive a credit of R750 towards the purchase of your new tyre; therefore you would only pay R250 towards a new tyre.

Tyres with a tread depth that is 1mm or less are not legible for a claim.

Registering and Verification

The responsibility is on you as the consumer to ensure that your tyres are registered. After purchasing your Bridgestone branded passenger, 4x4 and SUV tyres from 17 inch and above (excl. run flats) from an authorized dealer you are required to register your tyre, to complete the registration visit on your mobile phone or computer.

To complete the registration process you will need to fill in the digital form, the following information is required for the registration;

  1. Invoice number,
  2. Personal particulars,
  3. Vehicle details,
  4. Tyre details including the serial number and
  5. Dealer details and

Follow the prompts on the screen. Once the registration is complete, the form is uploaded onto an online database in real time and you will receive a welcome sms from Bridgestone as well as your unique TDG code, keep this code safe as it will be required to process a claim.

Claiming Process  

Should your Bridgestone branded passenger, 4x4 and SUV tyres from 17 inch and above (excl. run flats) become damaged by a road hazard during transit, try and return to the dealer where you purchased your tyre, however if this is not possible then visit your nearest authorised dealer that is part of the same network of stores where the original purchase was made. Your Id and TDG card will be require processing the claim.

The Assessment procedure is as follows:

  1. The dealer will establish the average remaining tread depth by taking several measurements with a tread depth
  2. Once this is established, the dealer will inform the amount payable by you based on the remaining tread calculation
  3. The new tyre will need to be registered.

NB: Without the TDG registration number, claims will not be recognised. If all sections on the new guarantee registration are not completed in full and correctly, the guarantee will not be valid.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all Bridgestone tyres covered by the Tyre Damage Guarantee?
Only passenger, 4X4 and SUV tyres with a rim diameter of 17 inch (excl. run-flats) and above are covered.

When does the Guarantee cover take effect?
Your tyres will be covered by the Bridgestone SA TDG from the day of purchase as soon as they have been registered. 

If any part of the tyre tread is below 1mm, will a claim still be granted?
When any part of the tyre is below 1mm the tyre will be considered worn and no claim will be granted.

Can an invoice be used in the case where no Tyre Damage Guarantee registration number is available?
If you registered your tyre, your unique TDG code can be retrieved with your ID or invoice number. 

Will Bridgestone honour a Tyre Damage Guarantee claim on a tyre that has been repaired during the guarantee period
BSAF will honour the TDG claim if the tyre has previously been repaired during the guarantee period.

How long does the claim process take?
Once the tyre has been assessed and credit due to you calculated, you can immediately purchase a replacement tyre.

Is mechanical wear covered?
The Tyre Damage Guarantee only covers tyres that are damaged by road hazards during transit. 

Where can I make a claim?
We suggest you return to the Supa Quick, Bridgestone Commercial or Speedy dealers as well as Tiger Wheel & Tyre or Tyres & More dealers within the boundaries of South Africa and neighbouring countries Namibia and Swaziland. 

Can I claim for a tyre if it is damaged outside the country?
You can claim for tyres in South Africa, Namibia, and Swaziland, provided there is a dealer in that country. 

Does the Tyre Damage Guarantee only apply to new purchases?
Previously registered tyres will keep their lifetime TDG

What happens to my Bridgestone Passenger and Destinationtyres if I registered it before the 1st of July?
It will remain covered by the previous Tyre Damage Guarantee for the lifetime of the tyre.

Can I still claim for my tyre if the dealer I purchased my tyre at didn’t register my tyre?
No, you cannot claim for a tyre that was never registered. The responsibility is on you as the consumer to ensure that your tyres are registered after purchasing, the dealer is only there to guide or give assistance if needed while you complete the registration.

Terms & Conditions

This Bridgestone Free Tyre Damage Guarantee is only valid for Bridgestone branded passenger, 4x4 and SUV tyres purchased from Bridgestone family stores (Supa Quick, Bridgestone Commercial and Speedy) as well as Tiger Wheel & Tyre or Tyres & More dealers within the boundaries of South Africa and neighbouring countries Namibia and Swaziland. The guarantee is valid for 1 year and is limited to tyre sizes ranging from 17 inch and above only (excl. run flats).

Download terms and conditions


Proper care is necessary to obtain maximum use from a tyre and to ensure your safety. Check your tyres regularly:

  • For wear and tear like cracks and bubbles
  • For uneven wear that results from incorrect alignment
  • To ensure that your tyres are inflated to the correct pressure
  • To see that your tyre and wheel assemblies are in balance
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